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Why Exhibit?

If your organisation works with people with a disability or you provide related services or products, this Expo is your opportunity to be seen as an active participant in the Disability community. The NDIS is now in full swing and your potential clients have many options and decisions to make about the services and products they will require. Your clients, their families and their carers will be at this Expo! You need to be present, too, if you wish to meet them. 

Participation in the South West Disability Expo gives you:
  • direct access to consumers in an environment where people are seeking the best products and services NOW
  • an opportunity to connect and network with key service providers/organisations/agencies in the region
  • the chance to meet with NDIS, government and department leaders
  • the opportunity to participate in and contribute to Q&A sessions with significant leaders and advocates throughout the Expo.

How will we promote you?

The South West Disability Expo effectively places your name before the public as an organisation that cares about people with a disability. The Expo will be promoted across the entire South West Sydney region, listing all exhibitors and sponsors across an array of collateral. 

The South West Disability Expo will be promoted through:
  • a diverse advertising and public relations campaign with local media, to lift the profile of the event​ ​and place it on the calendar across the South West Region
  • the expo website, which will also be widely promoted on social media and all branded collateral
  • print and email resources to assist sponsors, exhibitors, government departments and other service providers in promoting the event to their clients
  • large banners on major roads and key venues across the region
  • brochures/flyers in locations frequented by the community 
  • a strong social media presence and promotion.
What will you get?
  • a complete exhibitor booth, including spotlight fascia with your organisation's name, a 1.2m trestle table and 2 chairs per single booth
  • full power for standard electrical devices
  • a detailed program with booth locations and maps making your exhibit easy to find
  • a layout that encourages participants to easily move around and visit all booths
  • coffee/tea and lunch vouchers x 2 days.         

PRICING COMING SOON